Photo: Cameron Kelly McLeod

Photo: Cameron Kelly McLeod

Photo: Cameron Kelly McLeod

Photo: Cameron Kelly McLeod

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    Photo: Cameron Kelly McLeod

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Shawn Reed, Night-People - "This is an impressive debut release by a band that is still a mystery even to the label. Sandy creates soulful atmospheric minimalist synth pop that is contemporary in its approach and comes with a depth rare for a band that is so new. Sandy has a sound that is very isolated feeling almost icy but retains necessary warmth, a sense of something heartfelt and sincere being expressed in a way that keeps the sound from feeling harsh or devoid of hopefulness. Sandy is more serene then dark and the subtle qualities of the approach give the music something special to make it stand out upon repeat listens. Great stuff from a promising new band. "

The 405 - "[Sandy] trickle trip-hop drum beats and plodding bass lines into 'Drips' to warm their icy vocals, and pull it from a starkly neutral and downbeat mood. The band stun with a vertical slice of patience, choosing atmosphere over melody, and gently casting their song upwards into a crest of misty synth pop out in the middle distance."

The Wild Honey Pie - "[Sandy] make those kinds of tracks with synths that toy with both darkness and light to form a tranquil, fluid landscape. The placid vocals navigate with ease throughout the stacked, elongated rhythms and keyboards, making for a sexy, chill vibe reminiscent of The xx and Poliça."

Featured in Under the Radar's Playlist, November 14, 2014.

Feature/Interview in Magic RPM, June 2015.

Obscure Sound - "[Sandy] presents a spacey journey filled with a nocturnal Chromatics-like synth lead, pit-pattering vocals, nonchalant vocals, and a generally psych-friendly space vibe that floats along blissfully. What the track lacks in ample variation is made up for in the serenely captivating atmosphere, showing a group fully capable of creating sweeping psych-tinged soundscapes set in space."

We Listen For You - "[Drips] is a slow motion head bobber, that swirls in layers of guitar, dripping drum beats, and whispering vocals. I'm not sure why this track hasn't recieved more attention, but in one listen it's easy to discover that Sandy is a special band to keep an ear out for."

Little Indie Blogs 'Hot Top Ten', November 2014.

 Interview with Delayed Gratification, November 2014.

Glamglare - Song of the Day, August 2016.